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We set the standard for professionalism in the industry.

Why partner with us

KD Phyto® is your trusted partner to responsibly source cannabis and hemp derived active ingredients for pharmaceutical applications, and customize cannabinoid formulations for topical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications. With a strong focus on cannabinoids, KD Phyto® ensures our ingredients comply with all German/European regulations and are manufactured following international EU-GMP standards and ICH guidelines producing a high-quality, safe and effective product. We have built a world-class manufacturing infrastructure, that provides one-stop, full-service product development and manufacturing capabilities – from raw material sourcing to finished product packaging.

The core of our craft is QUALITY & TRANSPARENCY – something the cannabinoids industry across the world lacks; So, we decided to set out and set the bar high creating a global solution that is not only high in quality but unique, as portrayed in our Global Corporate Know-How to serve the Pharmaceutical and Cannabinoids markets.

Novel foods
Water soluble
Cosmetic & Care
Minor Cannabinoids
News & Events
Are you looking to meet the KD Phyto team? Follow this link to see the list of events that we will attend.
KD Phyto has now become a proud member, as an industry representative, of the Deutsche Medizinal-Cannabis Gesellschaft!
April 1, 2024, will go down in history as a day a huge milestone was represented in increasing legal access to cannabis