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Water Soluble Formulas

KD Phyto® helps consumer goods companies meet the market demand for water-soluble, good tasting, and easy to blend cannabinoids that can be co-formulated with other functional ingredients and flavors. We provide our customers with quality, tested, consistent, efficacious, and safe products that are odorless and stable.

KD Phyto®, with facilities based in Germany, provides high-quality Cannabinoid Ingredients that can be used for various applications in food, beverages and nutraceuticals. Partnering with us allows you to innovate with new products and open the door to new markets such as the new brave cannabinoids industry.​ 

We offer you new product Research & Development services and provide you with high-level educational and scientific content for you to become an expert with your best ally, KD Phyto®

KD Phyto® offers customizable products, including water-soluble formulations:

Nutraceutical Products in the Pipeline for 2024:

  • CBD Enriched Oil (3% CBD, THC <0,01%)
  • Broad-Spectrum THC-Free Hemp Concentrates (CBD up to 80%, THC <0,2%)
  • Cannabis (Hemp) Derived Terpene Extracts
  • Omega-3/CBD Gel Caps (Varied CBD Concentrations from 1-10%)
  • Pet Food Ingredients
  • White Label Services
  • Water-Soluble CBD Liquid (1.5-20% CBD): Ideal for ready-to-drink beverages.
  • Water-soluble CBD Powder (20% CBD): Ideal for baked goods and other food items.
  • Water-Soluble Minor Cannabinoid Powders (20% CBN, CBC, CBG, THCV): Ideal for all nutraceutical applications.