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Explore about our broad range of CDMO Services and Products


KD Phyto® has unique expertise in custom formulation with cannabinoid and other phyto-derived ingredients, serving different markets and applications.

Our current focus is on the following categories:

  • Cannabinoid Ingredients for Topical Applications.
  • Cannabinoid Ingredients for Cosmetic Applications.
  • Cannabinoids Ingredients for Pharmaceutical Applications.
  • Customized Business Cases in Drug Manufacturing and Other.
  • Research and Development Services and Capabilities.
  • New Product Development Opportunities.

 Our future focus will be on:

  • Cannabinoid Ingredients for Food & Beverage and Nutraceutical Applications.

We understand that every customer’s need is unique and therefore, each one of our customers is as special and unique as all of our services and products. KD Phyto®, as an industry expert encourages all Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Cosmetic Manufactures wanting to open new market opportunities, to partner with experts in the Cannabis Industry and this way, contribute to the growth of your organization.