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At KD Phyto® we utilize different state-of-the-art purification technologies that provide unsurpassed quality and purity of high concentrations of plant extracts such as cannabinoids. 

Some of these technologies are:

  • Short Path Distillation (SPD)
  • Crystallization

Short Path Distillation (SPD)

KD Phyto® uses high-vacuum wiped-film SPD to produce a concentrated phyto-derived extract, especially cannabinoids. With the help of this distillation unit, the phyto-derived extract is quickly distilled under a high vacuum and separated from waxes and other high-boiling lipids. The main product of this distillation is a rich concentrate, ideally suited for further processing for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations.

Crystallization (Isolation of Cannabinoids): Always Pure and Contaminant Free  

KD Phyto® has developed and implemented EU-GMP crystallization processes to increase purities in our CBD and other active cannabinoid ingredients to greater than 99% purity. Tailored crystallization conditions allow for targeted crystal growth and the definition of the shape and size of the crystals. Vacuum drying is applied to remove residual solvents below ICH Q3C limits. A final sieving step assures standardized particle size grading and homogeneous active pharmaceutical ingredients that can reliably support pharmaceutical formulation processes.