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Nutraceutical Ingredients

KD Phyto® offers innovative THC-compliant cannabinoid ingredients for use in functional foods, beverages, and dietary supplements in all markets where legally permitted. KD Phyto® extracts biomass without prior drying or processing, thus providing the entire essence of the plant, including bioactive terpenes and flavonoids. In-house-developed remediation processing allows the gentle removal of THC from the extract and to generate non-controlled concentrates that are ready for use in any finished consumer good. Thanks to the high-quality and rigorously tested ingredients, KD Phyto® provides trusted solutions that are scientifically backed for health, wellness, and performance.

Novel Food

is any food that was not used for human consumption to a significant degree within the European Union


KD Phyto® provides affordable, safe, and high-quality access to plant-based ingredients that help create health solutions. 

Water Soluble

Formulas KD Phyto® helps consumer goods companies meet the market demand for water-soluble, good tasting, and easy to blend cannabinoids