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Why KD Phyto?

Your most trusted supplier for High-Quality, phyto-derived ingredients, is based in the Saar region of Germany, with manufacturing facilities in Homburg.

With a strong focus on cannabinoids, KD Phyto®excels by having the trajectory and expertise in the pharmaceutical space, but also by having a team of experts that contribute to the professional growth of the cannabinoids industry, and to the development of safe drug applications, using high-quality starting materials for pharma applications.

Based on our B2B Know-How, Corporate Culture of Growth, and supported by the Local Authorities, KD Phyto® is inhabits a world-class manufacturing infrastructure, that aims to provide one-stop, full-service capabilities with innovation and new product development opportunities, as well as specialized R&D services to enter new markets.

Our Value Proposition

At KD Phyto® you – the customer – are our priority! We strive to provide you with transparency, strong ethics, high-quality services, and professionalism, to stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace. Our company ethos is to provide exceptional customer service and educational guidance on cannabis processes, quality, medical and other applications.