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The new Cannabis Law in Germany went into effect yesterday!

CBD legalization in Germany

We have a lot to celebrate here at KD Phyto as the new Cannabis Law in Germany went into effect yesterday! As Pillar 1 of the new law takes off, April 1, 2024, will go down in history as a day a huge milestone was represented in increasing legal access to cannabis.

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Below are some of the high-level insights:

  • Narcotics De-Listing: Cannabis will be removed from Germany's narcotics List improving safe access for medical patients and streamlining the cannabis supply chain for prescribing pharmacies.
  • Personal Cultivation: Adults will now be allowed to cultivate up to 3 plants for personal use within their private residence. This will create many opportunities for companies supporting cultivation providing seeds, lighting technologies and plant nutrients.
  • Personal Possession: Adults in Germany will be permitted to possess a personal amount of up to 25 g cannabis. Additionally, penalties for possessing more than the legal threshold will be considered an "administrative violation" rather than a "criminal offense"; saving Germany more than ~1 Billion Euros per year.
  • Cannabis Clubs: Germany will now permit the launch and operation of non-commercial cannabis social clubs where adult members can source their cannabis legally. These clubs are expected to start July 1, 2024.

Cannabis Is Officially Legal In Germany - What You Need To Know (